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How Ohio’s craft alcohol scene could lead to your arrest

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Ohio has a lot to offer connoisseurs of craft spirits. From a few locally-renowned wineries to several hundred breweries, there are dozens of companies around the state offering unique alcoholic beverages. Some of these facilities have tasting rooms, and some even offered tours.

Additionally, there are companies that will drive visitors and tourists in a bus or even a limousine from one brewery or vineyard to the next. As much fun as it can be to go and experience the craft spirits on sale across Ohio, you must recognize that overindulging in samples of your preferred alcoholic beverage puts you at risk of arrest.

Ohio police officers are always on the lookout for drunk drivers

Operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI) offenses are among the most common criminal charges in Ohio. According to 2020 arrest statistics, more than 1,300 people every month get arrested for drunk driving in Ohio. Police officers tend to have more presence on the road around holidays and on weekends when they know people are more likely to overindulge. They also frequently target areas that see high levels of alcohol use and tourism.

While you may feel sober enough to drive after taking a tour of a half dozen different breweries, you might fail a breath test and end up facing charges instead of making it home safely after your exciting excursion. OVI charges could mean jail time, big fines, the loss of your license and increased insurance costs.

Those facing an OVI charge can fight back

While some people assume that it is impossible to fight a drunk driving charge if they failed a breath test, the truth is that people do successfully defend against such charges with some frequency.

Some defendants can win their case by showing that a police officer didn’t have a viable reason to pull them over. Others could bring in an expert to undermine the accuracy of the chemical test and raise a question about whether they were really under the influence or not.

Avoiding an OVI arrest is ideal, but it is also crucial to know that you can defend yourself against charges after the police stop you. Putting together a good defense strategy could help you fight back when a fun weekend out leads to an arrest and criminal charges.