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40 Years Of Criminal Defense Driven By Results

When you face criminal charges and need a reliable attorney, you can turn to Dennis LoConti Law, LLC. For 40 years, I have represented clients throughout Ohio who face criminal charges. Whether you face a misdemeanor or a felony, I can defend you. My services are always about securing the most favorable outcome I can so you can remain free and continue your life.

Just a few of the offenses I commonly handle include:

I examine your situation thoroughly and develop a defense strategy focused on results. This might involve negotiating a plea bargain with the District Attorney’s office. It might involve getting the charges against you dismissed. It might even involve a trial. Whatever it takes, I am committed to advocating for your rights during this often frightening time.

When Criminal Charges Affect Your Family

Certain offenses can permanently impact your divorce arrangement or custody and visitation arrangement. For example, judges frequently reduce the parenting time of people convicted of domestic abuse. As an attorney who handles both criminal law and family law matters, I can represent you if you have a legal issue that overlaps with both areas.

I Care About My Clients As People

You are more than just a number in the justice system or a case file on a lawyer’s desk. You are a human being with a family to care for and a future that seems uncertain. That is why I am deeply devoted to providing my clients with outstanding service and treating you with respect. To me, my track record of wins is nothing compared to the reward of helping people.

Talk To An Experienced, Driven Lawyer In A Free Consultation

Even if the case against you seems dire, you are not out of hope. I will do everything in my power to assist you. To request a free, no-obligation, confidential consultation, contact my law office in Willoughby. You can call 216-545-0911 or send me an email to begin.